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If you’d like to get involved and become a member of Friends of Camden Meadow, would be great - the more the merrier, and it's a great way to meet other local people 😀

Our membership criteria is very simple. We operate a dynamic system based simply on taking part and contributing to the group and our vision.

You can take part in one of three ways (or more than one, of course, but one is sufficient for membership purposes):

  1. Take part in one of our on-site volunteering sessions. We currently require people to take part in at least 3 sessions per year (we reserve the right to amend this as experience shows that most people like to do more than this, and we want to keep it fair). It's not onerous. Events tend to take place every month, and last for around 2 to 2.5 hours. They range in activities from pruning, weeding, grass cutting and coppicing, to simple litter picking, to occasional planting. So, a mix of things for a wide range of ages, abilities and skills.

  2. Contribute with a service / skill. Perhaps you could help with administration, the website, blog posts, financial management, legal, graphic design etc. Let us know what you think you can offer and we'll let you know if there is a need you can fill. Membership via this route would require a c.2 hours per month commitment (and as with 1 above, we reserve the right to amend this from time to time).

  3. Make a donation. Membership via this route can vary depending on circumstances (just talk to us) but, as a guide, we would ask for a donation equivalent to c.£10 per month. This is roughly equal to the financial value of time committed by members who volunteer their time on on-site activities. Money collected would be ring-fenced to help cover our costs - for example, equipment, tools, materials, event catering / refreshments, plants etc. As with 1 and 2 above, we reserve the right to adjust this criterion from time to time.

Ultimately, membership isn't about being a name on a list. It's about action - the progress we have made on this land is due purely and simply to local people being willing to get involved and work together.

Having read all this, if you're still keen to join in, please email us using the contact information below.


  • John Long (founder / leader)

  • John Lindup (co-lead, & professional landscape gardener)

Both Johns live locally, and both are working on this as volunteers.

Camden Residents' Association

For other ways to get involved locally, do also check Camden Residents' Association website, here.


Our membership list is kept private, only accessible to our leadership team. Members will receive occasional email communications, including news and updates. We won't pass on your details, nor spam you. If you would ever like to come off the list and stop receiving communications from us, just email us accordingly.