Friends of Camden Meadow

Friends of Camden Meadow, Bath

'Friends of Camden Meadow' was established in 2021, a spin-off from the Camden Residents' Association, and with the support of Bath & North East Somerset Council and our two local Councillors, Tom Davies and Richard Samuel. It is an open group for local people who would like to be part of the long term management and vision for this little patch of our neighbourhood.

There are various such ‘Friends’ groups linked to parks and open spaces in Bath, the best nearby example being the adjacent and very successful Friends of Hedgemead Park - so there is good precedence and established practice between these groups and the Council.

Being a Friends group provides us with some real advantages. Firstly, the Council recognise us as the principal local body with an interest in this site. They will work with us as partners on the land, helping to facilitate our long term Vision for it, and consulting with us before making unilateral decisions which affect it. It also allows us the prospect of extending our activities over time, for instance, perhaps applying for grant funds etc to support our work.

We’ve got off to a flying start, with ~25 local members already. But there’s room for plenty more.

Take a look at the Contact / Join page for current membership criteria and to get involved...